Pastor Tim's Monthly Message

Dear Friends at St. John's,

Back in days not so long ago, I would’ve been called your “vacancy” pastor. Nowadays, they call me your “transition” pastor. Personally, I like the new name. Vacancy gives the impression of emptiness, of something devoid of content. That hardly describes the St. John’s Congregation I’m coming to know. Transition is a much better word, because it acknowledges that the mission and ministry of the congregation is in your hands while the search for a new pastor gets underway. My job is to provide some support to you over the coming months. So one of my most important tasks is to make sure that you have pastors to lead worship each weekend. It’s also my responsibility to provide pastoral care when someone is ill or hospitalized. I’m also privileged to work with your outstanding young people in the Confirmation Class.

I’m part of a “Mission in Transition” team. My partners at St. John’s are Mary Wolf, whom most of you will have met by the time you’re reading this, and Lance Scarafia, Pastor Scarafia’s cousin, who will be on board by the beginning of March. As a team we attend all Council Meetings, and we work with the Call Committee and with the congregation to get yourselves prepared to present yourselves to prospective pastors.

Just a little bit about me: Together with my wife, Pastor Wendy Buckley, we are the pastors of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, the village church, in Williamsville. We also care for the congregation of North Park Lutheran Church, in North Buffalo. We’ve been in Williamsville since November 2000, and at North Park since 2006.

If you need to get ahold of me, just call Cindy at the St. John’s Church office. If you want to be in touch directly, you can usually find me at my office in Williamsville between 8am and noon, 634-2330.

God has a plan and a purpose for St. John’s. During this time of transition, may I ask each and every one of you to pray for the welfare of the congregation, that together we may discover that plan and that purpose.

Your brother in Christ-

Pastor Tim Madsen