Pastor Kirk's Monthly Message

Love One Another

My wife Susan has a saying. She says that we are to "love on" one another. She always says it with a smile on her face and with open arms. My wife is a hugger! She reminds me, with her words and actions, that love is not a feeling or emotion. Love is an action.

One of my greatest concerns for the church today is where our focus is. There are so many out there focused on trying obtain their "personal salvation" or how to have "their personal relationship" with Jesus, that they forget what being church is about. Neither is it not about worship styles, programs, or even numbers in the pews. The church is about supporting, caring, forgiving, and restoring one another so that we may share the good news of Christ with the world.

We already have been given our salvation and I do not know how it can be any more personal than the cross. What we are called to do is be there for one another. So here is my NOVEMBER CHALLENGE for you. Contact another member of the church. Maybe one you have not seen in a while or introduce yourself to someone you do not know in our church family. Check in on them and see how they are doing. See if you can help them out in any way or simply give thanks for being part of the faith family. Let us share the love that Christ has shown us.

Your brother in Christ-

Pastor Kirk Langset