Who We Are

St. John's is a congregation with a long and rich history. The congregation was founded in 1844 in Lancaster, New York which was a German farming community outside of Buffalo. The opening of the Erie Canal in the 1820's had triggered the growth of the area after Buffalo was incorporated in 1832. The Germans came with their religious heritages and ties-some of them were Roman Catholic, some were Lutherans and some were from the Reformed tradition. When the Protestants began to Form a church they shared a facility. The Lutherans and Refomed came together in the "First German Lutheran Church of Lancaster." They shared a building but clearly never got along very well. After 20 plus years of wrangling the Reformed people stole the building! One night they jacked up the simple structure and rolled it away on logs. The Lutherans took them to Court and won a financial settlement which allowed them to build another building. In 1877 the present structure was built accommodating 500 for worship. The Lutherans and Reformed continued to struggle until the 1890's when "St. Peter's Lutheran Church" became independent.

The congregation flourished and by 1917 when they joined the United Lutheran Church in America, the name was changed yet again to "St. John's." In the 1950's a new education building was added as well as an expanded Chancel area with organ. Two new parsonages were added to house the pastoral staff in the mid 1950's.

Now over 160 years old the congregation is alive and well with just under 1000 baptized members. We provide a Sunday School program for almost 150 children from 3 years old up through seventh grade. Our Confirmation Program of 29 eighth and ninth graders meets on Sundays after worship. We have worship on Saturday in our Chapel and twice on Sunday in the main church and see almost 400 people weekly. There are programs of education, fellowship and fun throughout the year.

You are welcome to join us and share the joy in the gospel which sustains us. This outer ring suburb of Buffalo has much to offer and St. John's is located in the heart of the Village. Come see for yourself. We really are Inviting and Alive in Christ!

"Open-Inviting-Alive in Christ"

Rev. Tim Madsen
Transitional Pastor